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About us.

Community integrity-based wellbeing workshops

100% accessible to anyone.

For groups or individual coaching 


My name is Andre Jackson and I am the founder and facilitator of Note2self.

I have  spent the last 10 years teaching people science-based, tools, techniques and strategies that you can use immediately to help improve your quality of life.  

Mental distress is increasing over time and with the Covid-19 pandemic in the daily mix we need to find effective, practical, and useful ways to reduce the effects of distress more than ever.

These workshops are specifically designed to do just that.

You will not be the same person as you were when you walked into these sessions.

We are a mobile service so we come to you and our workshops are between 2-4 hours( we customize the sessions around your time structure).

These workshops are designed to have a balance of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom that seeks to teach you about who YOU are.

These workshops are genuine, authentic, and delivered with empathy and compassion and our principles of Tika (true, right, just, fair), Pono ( honesty, genuine, sincere), and Aroha ( caring, compassionate) reflects our ethos.

So I welcome you to Note2self and I look forward to talking with you in the near future. 

Andre Jackson

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