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About the founder

  • Andre Jackson is an experienced speaker and facilitator with over ten years of expertise and a lifetime of experience with depression and anxiety. Renowned for his unique approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing his workshops are designed to change beliefs and mindsets leaving a lasting impact on those that attend. 

Why use us

  • Our actions and values are inextricably linked and this is reflected in our culture as we use what we teach in our own life with our own lived experience.

  • We don’t teach you information. We provide the atmosphere for you to learn and for you to take away that learning to apply in life.

  • We show you real time tools and techniques that you can use straight away without having to "master" anything for immediate benefits.

  • You set the fee

About the service

  • Our workshops are adaptable and tailored to your specific needs of your organization. We provide value and service that fits around your schedule by designing each session to fit either within a one hour or  two hour time frame.

  • You can select one workshop or tailor a few that suits your needs and requirements. 

  • We conduct Zoom meetings for remote workshops to make it easier for you.

  • Check out the workshop section on here for details on the workshops we offer. 

The bottom line

Investing in employee wellbeing is profitable. The research reveals for every dollar a business owner invests in company-wide wellbeing initiatives for their staff, they can expect to see a return of up to 12x within a year.

The fact that you are here means you are thinking about your employees wellbeing. 

Lets talk about it together.

About the fee

  • Because every business is different we believe that every business should be able to set their own fee for service. 

  • Due to this you will never be charged for the preparation and creation of workshops only the delivery and we will never set the fee which is why we can leave that cost over to you. We work around your financial commitments, not ours.

Mental Health workplace culture.

Creating policies and procedures that prioritize mental health in the workplace creates a culture that values mental health and supports your team members.. By providing your team with the necessary support and tools, they can better manage mental illness and improve their overall well-being. 


Lets make mental health our business together.

Contact Andre on 022 1055 659

or send me a message on the form below.

    Thank you for your query. I will reply to you soon. 

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