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Andre has a unique way of teaching with firm conviction but with a gentle and peaceful presentation style. He has a great way of drawing people into what the subject material is that he is presenting....  without just offering easy answers statements.

Workshop Participant

Andre has a very kind very caring nature and he will do anything he can to help, support or guide anyone who needs it. Andres teachings have been beyond all expectations I ever had. I was made to feel safe, welcome, heard, understood and won't regret ever meeting this man he is an absolute inspiration not only to me but so many others. Thank you for everything thing you've taught me Andre

Workshop participant.

I admire and respect Andre’s approach to mindfulness and wellbeing. Andre is able to make mindfulness and wellbeing accessible, meaningful and applicable to people at any level of self-awareness, and in any context of people’s lives. I highly recommend Andre’s workshops and courses to anyone who wants improved wellbeing.

Workshop Participant

Andre's knowledge is more than intellectual. It has a way of finding a way to your spirit. You will have a lot of "a-ha" moments with his workshops. Andre is a walking example in that he practices what he teaches.

Workshop participant

I have been to a lot of workshops and this by far the most useful workshop that was engaging, relevant, and I can use the information straight away.

Workshop participant

I have had some of my clients experience Andre's sessions. He supports and scaffolds people with unconditional positive regard through the sessions in a safe environment... the topics that are provided matched all the Counselling sessions perfectly... I then witnessed in the Counselling sessions, my clients transform and find themselves at a purely deeper level. This not only made my counselling a lot easier, it became like a wrap-around service, keeping them safe and supporting them on their journey moving forward. The Andre Jackson Experience for the client, I would like to refer to as "A warm hug for yourself and your soul."

 Deborah Kelly

 Counsellor (NZAC)

Themis counselling

Andre has helped me navigate through a lot of barriers by showing me easy and simple methods. He is a man with patience, passion, and heart for what he does to help and guide others. I admire Andre for his work.
It's worth it.

Workshop Participant

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Andre during the many roles he has held founding, developing and growing Evolve Peer Support Trust into the successful organisation it is today, of which I have always been a Board of Trustee member.

Andre’s quiet, strong presence  coupled with a great ability to listen and help others ,  sees people naturally drawn to him. His empathy, developed from lived experience, and his extensive academic knowledge and strong facilitation skills, make him perfect for creating and leading workshops, courses and support groups, as he did with Evolve Peer Support Trust’s hugely successful ‘Journey programme’, and the ‘Be Here Now’ and ‘Mindfulness’ workshops.

He gets on so well with such a wide range of people because he accepts people as they are unconditionally and recognises that individual differences are to be celebrated. This was reflected during a recent two day ‘Voices from the Spectrum’ workshop, which I was part of, where he earned the respect of the Autistic attendees.

Andre has the ability to recognise people who are struggling with their mental health. He creates space to pause and sit with them, listen, and offer a place where one can just breathe, gather inner strength, and quietly learn from him what knowledge and skills are needed to move towards good mental health. I may be a strong, capable person, but at one time I was in the darkest of places mentally. This is when I found the support group Andre was running a few years back. I was very close to no longer being here. His warmth and gentle encouragement, and the support of that group, saved my life. I will be forever grateful. 

Barbara Choat, M.Ed[Spec.Ed] Hons; Dip.Tching

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