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Dealing with stress in a Covid-19 world.

Session style: Interactive, practical, casual, informal, Question and Answer segment, relevant tools and techniques.

We may at times find it difficult to keep up in this fast-paced and changing world around us.

From personal pressures to global pandemics, we are finding ourselves in a constantly evolving changing environment.

We all know that stress is a part of life. But stress does not have to be the thing that stops us from living.

In this 3 hour session you will learn practical and helpful science based strategies designed to be used immediately that will help you take the sting out of stress and improve your quality of life.

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Lining life with values and boundaries.

Session style: Practical, casual, question and answer section, relevant tools and real world practice.

I have no doubt that you have heard about values and boundaries.

But you have never heard it like this before.

Values and boundaries work best when they orchestrate the moments that make up our day.

Values are what make your path honorable and respectful to you while you move through your day. They can also become a source of discomfort if our life is not congruent to them. Values and boundaries have an impact in our life. Our perception of self worth often starts life within our values and boundaries.

This 2 hour session is designed to provide a space for you to understand how your values and boundaries play a foundational role in life. And knowing the mechanics of how they work makes your day healthier and more productive.

Being kinder to yourself.png

Being kinder to yourself.

Session style: Practical, Casual, question and answers section, Designed to change your frame of thinking.

The one person that is a constant throughout our life, is ourselves. Yet the way we treat ourselves is often harsh, and unkind as we spent most of our energy in a battle inwardly fought.

Life is hard enough without fighting ourselves on the battleground.

But if we learn to get out of our own way and not trip ourselves up we will become our ally and life becomes a little easier. In this session you will start to frame who you are in a healthier way that helps your journey, not hinders it. 

Basic human needs header.png

Basic human needs

 Session style: Interpersonal, Casual, Questions and answers, 

When we understand the mechanics of how we work and what we need, we are in a better position to construct our day in ways that is going to be helpful to us. Taking care of our needs in turn makes life easier to build on. We will take a look at what we need to do to move from surviving to a place of thriving. In this session we look at science based tools that help us understand what we need as the foundation of a good life so we can build a stronger life structure from.

Social connection and isolation.png

Social connection and Isolation.

Session style: Interactive, casual, informal, Questions and Answers segment, relevant tools and techniques.

Humans are social creatures that require space to be able to connect to others. Connection fulfils an ancestral sense of belonging and affects everything from immunity to our happiness.
While we look at this topic of connection you will not only get a deeper understanding about how connection plays a critical role in our life but we will look at ways that we can get our “social connection quota” meet in ways that are healthy and helpful.

Mental wellbeing basics.png

Mental well-being basics.

Session style: Practical , Casual, Questions and Answers, relevant tools and structure.

No doubt you have heard about the term mental well-being: Its about understanding all the positive concepts about our social and emotional states and understanding yourself better so you can know yourself well.
It’s learning how to structure and cultivate your day in a way that compliments you.
In this session we take all the key points in the other workshops and put them here. If you are looking for a workshop that summarizes and captures the essence of well-being then this is it.

wellbeing and nutrition header.png

Mental well-being and nutrition

Session style: Practical , Casual, Questions and Answers, Designed to change your frame of thinking.

We have all heard that nutrition is important for our brain and body, that we are what we eat and over recent years we are discovering just how true that is. Nutrients affect every part of us, From daily performance, to our emotions, through to influencing our DNA structure.
In this session we will look at the five most important things you can do that will boost your mental well-being and increase your quality of life by what you consume.

the science of habits header.png

The science of habits.

 Session style: Interpersonal, Casual, Questions and answers.

Habits are things we do consistently over time, and up to 70% of our day is made up of these actions on repeat that we call habits that we either by default or by design.
Habits are a necessary part of life. Its an energy saving tool so we can use our energy on more important things instead of the routines we establish.
In this session we will look at the science of creating habits.
We will also start to change our language that changes how we frame habits by removing the good and bad labels and to construct habits that are healthy and helpful for us.

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