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Note2self disclaimer

The Note2self service is solely for the use for educational purposes only.

The information provided by Note2self is not designed for the purposes of treatment of illness and is in no way a substitute or an attempt to give specific medial advice.

Any person requiring medical advice or treatment should seek proper care from an appropriate provider of such services.

This information should not replace consultation with your doctor or other qualified mental health providers and/or specialists. If you believe you or another individual is suffering a mental health crisis or other medical emergency, contact your doctor immediately, seek medical attention immediately by calling 111.

The information contained on this website  and within the services of Note2self is derived from a number of sources. While Note2self has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that all information is from reliable and reputable sources and is accurate, it accepts no liability or responsibility for any acts or omissions, done or omitted in reliance in whole or in part, on the information.

Note2self accepts no responsibility for the manner in which this information is subsequently used.

Note2self is not responsible for the contents or reliability of the linked websites and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them. Listing shall not be taken as endorsement of any kind.

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